Thursday 29 September 2016

BLE Enhancing Assessment & Feedback: Final Report

In September 2014, based on the decision of its Steering Group, the partners of the Bloomsbury Learning Environment (BLE) commenced work on a new collaborative project. The Bloomsbury Enhancing Assessment and Feedback project examined the way online assessment and feedback was managed, processed and supported across the consortium. The purpose of the two-year project was to identify and share good and innovative practice, with the aim of improving online assessment and feedback processes, practices, opportunities and technologies available to the partner Colleges.

There were three key objectives in this project:
  1. To identify various stakeholders and their expectations/goals in the development and use of e-assessment and feedback in Bloomsbury.
  2. To evaluate appropriate technologies to support e-assessment across the Bloomsbury Colleges.
  3. To produce documentation, case studies and organise events for academic and support staff.

The Final Report serves to summarise the achievements of the project, highlighting the outputs, making some broad recommendations about assessment practices and evaluative comments regarding the project itself. Read the paper here.

The project website containing links to resources, case studies and reports is here:

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