Friday 16 September 2016

BLE at ALT-C 2016 - follow-up

Leo Havemann and Sultan Wadud
The themes at last week's ALT-C were Connect, Collaborate, Create. Over 460 delegates attended the three days of rich, illuminating and inspiring presentations about how technology is ever-evolving to support learning and teaching across the education sectors.

The three papers that the BLE was involved in were well-received, contributing to the collaborative and sharing ethos of the conference, and fitting in tightly with the conference themes.

On Day 1, A collaborative approach to improving online assessment and feedback opportunities, presented by Leo Havemann and co-written with Sarah Sherman, described the BLE's eAssessment and Feedback project. You can see the slides here: 

On Day 2, Manoj Singh from QMUL led the workshop, Risky business: A workshop to examine what happens when learning technologies vanish and how we can work together to mitigate disasters. The workshop was co-authored with Sarah Sherman and supported on the day by Sultan Wadud from SOAS. Attendees were first shown the following presentation:
Following that, they were asked to work in groups to consider the impact if specific learning technologies were suddenly pulled. They completed a shared spreadsheet to capture the risk analysis of such occurrences. You can access the spreadsheet here

Manoj Singh, QMUL
 Attendees working in groups

Finally, on Day 3, Manoj, with Sultan, gave the paper Pulling the plug(in): Dealing with a technical crisis by sharing knowledge, resources and experience: a companion presentation about the experiences of QMUL and the BLE members when the MediaCore service was given a year to be decommissioned. Manoj described how this required an intensive needs analysis exercise to be conducted to identify feasible replacements, then a migration project. This unexpected yet massive piece of work had to be undertaken at the detriment of other projects at all the affected institutions.

Presentation slides:

And the video of the presentation:

Leo and Wadud holding up their certificates to the camera
Leo and Wadud holding up their certificates to the camera

At the annual ALT awards ceremony, which celebrated 10 years at the conference, the BLE TEL Support Team's 2010 accolade of a highly commended Learning Technology Team was remembered as representatives were given a special certificate.

Photos via Flickr:
Chris Bull CC-BY-NC ALT

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