Friday 2 September 2016


Remember the BLOOC - the Bloomsbury Open Online Course, which launched in June 2014? No? You can read about it here. The BLOOC was designed for Bloomsbury-based teaching staff to provide creative and inspiring ideas to make their Moodle courses more engaging for students. 230 participants registered on the BLOOC which ran for 4 weeks and covered one topic per week:

Week One - using audio and video
Week Two - encouraging student production with wikis and blogs
Week Three - teaching synchronously in virtual classrooms
Week Four - subverting multiple choice questions for deep learning

A year ago in August 2015, we adapted the BLOOC as an 'on demand' course and opened it up to the wider world; to date, with hardly any advertising, 96 participants have signed up. You can register for it here.

Then in March 2016, the BLE responded to the University of London's International Academy's invitation for proposals to collaborate on the development of a new phase of MOOCs. We were delighted to be accepted and our joint MOOC will be part of a series which will be launched in 2016-17 on the Coursera platform. Based on the original premise of the BLOOC, this MOOC will be specifically for people who teach online and who want to discover new approaches and tools to increase the ways in which their students engage and interact to enhance their learning. The working title for the MOOC is Get interactive: encouraging student engagement in online learning.

Watch this space for further updates!

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