Thursday 22 February 2024

Launch of our latest course: Is a PhD Right for Me?

Is a PhD Right for Me?

The BLE's new three-week course on FutureLearn offers a comprehensive approach to considering, applying for, and beginning doctoral study in the UK. The course dispels misconceptions, examines real-life concerns and speaks to a wide range of groups and individuals traditionally under-represented in doctoral study.

Throughout the course, learners discover strategies to help them work effectively, manage their wellbeing, maintain good working relationships with supervisors and clarify potential career paths after the PhD.

Week 1 helps the learner decide whether to pursue doctoral study. We provide an overview of  fundamental personal, practical, and financial aspects of the decision.
Week 2 provides guidance on making a PhD application, such as how to  search out opportunities, put together a research proposal, find the right supervisor and apply to an institution or research project.
Week 3 focuses on managing day-to-day life as a doctoral student. 

Learners take an active role in their learning, completing reflective and practical tasks and  taking part in conversations with each other. Highlights include interviews with current doctoral students, supervisors and staff who share their experiences, expectations and advice. Learners also follow four diverse student characters in their  journey to decide whether or not doctoral study is the right path for them.

Really amazing! [This course] opened my mind to the ''secrets'' of PhD study and had so many tips to follow. (Learner feedback). 

Video link for course introduction

Course introductory video

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